While individual player salaries are often documented, it’s rare to see statistics on which teams actually pay their players the most money on average, across all sports. Unsurprisingly, basketball, baseball and American football are by far the best-paid U.S. sports. However, as the numbers below show, eight of the world’s 12 highest-paid sports teams are actually soccer clubs. The French capital’s club, Paris Saint-German, leads the way with $174,692 USD per week, while the English Premier league is the best overall paying soccer league. The first non-soccer team to make the list is the Los Angeles Dodgers, followed by the New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Nets.

See the full list below.

1. Paris Saint-German: $174,692 USD
2. Real Madrid: $166,180 USD
3. Manchester City: $165,343 USD
4. FC Barcelona: $155,452 USD
5. Los Angeles Dodgers: $154,292 USD
6. Machester United: $154,272 USD
7. Bayern Munich: $147,326 USD
8. Chelsea: $143,516 USD
9. New York Yankees: $140,566 USD
10. Arsenal: $133,658 USD
11. Brooklyn Nets: $120,181 USD
12. Detroit Tigers: 119,378 USD

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