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As with most footwear introduced in the early 20th century, the Engineer boot was created out of necessity; workers in the 1930s needed to shield their shins from sparks and other risky factors that lead to injury. Later, motorcycle riders adopted the style because its stove-pipe legs added extra protection against engine burns.

Japanese label Phigvel re-engineers the classic silhouette based on various models from the head designer’s personal collection. Crafted from a lightweight vegetable-tanned horsehide (like the coveted shell cordovan), these boots will break in beautifully. Durability is a must with this style of footwear — the outsole is made from “Benzu” leather which is derived from the thickest part of the cowhide. If you couldn’t tell already, these were built to withstand just about anything. The boots are available in three colors for pre-order via Hickoree’s through Friday, May 29.

Words by Thomas Welch
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