Since launching the site back in December 2007, we’ve covered the very best in emerging menswear with a selection of “goods” that we want fit into our lives, from objects to fill the home to things to put on the shelf. Today, we stick by that plan as we continue to provide a look into the unique and aspirational “things” that make Selectism what it is. Thanks for reading and enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend.


10 Outdoor Grilling Essentials for Memorial Day Weekend

This is the only outdoor grilling essentials guide you need to read for this weekend. We’ve got Japanese knives, we’ve got portable coolers, we’ve got a galvanized tool stand — what else do you need? Maybe some meats or veggies, if you prefer.


Rankin’s Full NSFW Film for London’s Coco de Mer Lingerie

Subject says it all.


Introducing the Manual Coffeemaker No. 1

In the words of Thomas Welch: “Our office could argue for days over how to make the best cup of coffee, and it’s all because we take such pride in our preferences when it comes to the caffeinated stuff. In this instance, though, we’ve got something in store for fans of pour-over coffee makers. Introducing Manual‘s Coffeemaker No. 1: a single cup system that is closer to a sculptural object than a kitchen appliance.”


Our 5 Favorite Booths at Frieze New York 2015 

Art critic Emily Colucci takes us on a stroll through the very best of Frieze New York 2015 direct from Randall’s Island, New York City. Highly recommended for art heads new and old.


A Study in Man’s Simplest Writing Tool

Alex Hammond and Mike Tinney, the product designer and photographer duo behind “The Secret Life of the Pencil” exhibition, ask that you put your smartphones and screen readers down for a while and get analog with a pencil. Come on, you can do it!


Special Edition Beoplay H6 Headphones for Rapha

What happens when you take an aesthetically and sonically pleasing headphone from B&O Play and get the design minds behind British cycling line Rapha to reimagine it? Dig into this one to get the full look.


Adidas Develops the World’s Lightest Cycling Kit

Friends in the UK: I never again want to hear that we get the better colorways or collections in America. You just won big with this fantastic lightweight cycling kit from adidas. The world is jealous right now.


“Monday In Stockholm” Briefcase Collection

As Stephanie tells us, “A Man of Few Words‘ MÅNDAG I STOCKHOLM collection, or Monday in Stockholm for us English speakers out there, wants you to shift your vision of what briefcases should be. According to the Poland-based label, they’re more than mere carrying devices; briefcases should be “classy and smart products” that make you feel and look great.”


Introducing Britain’s Hawksmill Denim Company

Hawkmill is the a standout in the emerging British denim scene (I said it). They use American Cone Mills denim on old Union Specials, sewing five distinct cuts for the gents. A bunch of other garments in there as well. Take a dive.


Where To Go This Weekend with Airbnb

A fine collection of Airbnb rentals in London, Tokyo, Milan and beyond that will certainly have you returning for more.

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