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On the heels of our latest editorial featuring Levi’s Commuter’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection, we sat down with Ekene Ijeoma to learn more about his life in the Big Apple.

As a professional artist and designer in New York City, Ekene Ijeoma knows a thing or two about style. Part of our recent Spring/Summer 2015 editorial, Ijeoma sports the 504 Regular Straight Shorts, Trucker Jacket and Raglan Shirt, all from Levi’s Commuter’s latest collection, with a whip from Tokyobike. To find out why exactly these goods suit his needs, we asked him a few questions. See them all below.

How long is your commute?

It’s about 7-8 miles in 25-30 minutes depending on which route I take.

What route do you take?

I take Dekalb Ave from Clinton Hill to the Manhattan bridge, then 1st Ave bus lane to Midtown East. Most days I take a longer route home stopping in LES for 3 for 10 Zicos and going through Fulton Mall. And sometimes in winter I take the Brooklyn Bridge which has the most beautiful views next to the George Washington Bridge.

What’s your favorite part of it?

Going over the bridge and seeing the skies above the East River especially on a crisp day. Then getting into Manhattan, feeling the rhythm and beat of traffic and staying in tune and on time with it.

Is cycling a practical or a lifestyle choice for you?

It’s practical for my lifestyle but it’s not for everyone. I remember a winter day when a girl ran out of the Franklin Ave C train station to buy me a Metrocard! I was wearing tights, shorts, a T-shirt and a windbreaker so she must’ve thought I was freezing – but I was steaming!

Commuting by bike has been the best way to see and experience every city I’ve lived in from Los Angeles, Milan, London, Amsterdam, and Treviso to NYC. I’ve been to Rockaway and the Bronx more times on my bike than on the train and that’s because I have fear of missing out on everything happening above ground.

Do you find the time spent on your commute helps you think up ideas?

Yes, there’s something inspiring about seeing people walking their dogs while riding bikes in the bike lane or jaywalking while pushing a stroller. As a designer who works with data, I think a lot about finding and resolving clarity in the chaos of systems. What better way to explore this than to ride through the city.

What specific needs do you have from your commuter clothing?

Shirts that are breathable and absorbent, shorts that don’t wear and tear at the crotch, and styles and colorways that aren’t sporty.

Is New York a good city to cycle in?

Yes, it may not be the safest but it’s the liveliest! Everyone loves NYC for it’s energy; what better way to experience it than to surge through it?

What’s the one item every commuter cyclist should own?

Bike fenders/mudguards.

Check out the full collection over at levi.com/commuter.

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