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Photo books tend to be the most accurate predictor of future lookbook trends. So with that in mind, we turned an eye on “Drivers In The 1980s.” The 96-page archive was created by Chris Dorley-Brown, who spent two summers in the mid ’80s photographing drivers in East London while they waited for traffic to pass. Throughout the book, there are a lot of references to Thatcher’s Britain (for anyone who isn’t into UK history – it was an awful time), but we’re not sure how much of that can be attributed to this book.

We doubt anyone was thinking “I’m in a traffic jam and Maggie Thatcher is prime minister.” But, slight quibble aside, these photographs do have the air of a Gentlewoman Magazine shoot; especially the shot of a woman wearing an orange ribbed jumper, which could easily have been an editorial outtake. Look for “man in traffic jam” to be the lookbook thing of 2016, like “near nude woman draped in menswear while awkwardly sitting on a couch” was the lookbook thing of 2014.

You can buy the book for $20 from Hoxton Mini Press.

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