E3 2015 is coming and this is what we’re hoping to hear.

The world’s largest gaming expo is just over two weeks away. There’s a list of games we’re expecting to see and there’s an even longer list of rumored games we’d love to see. If some of them are true, developers are doing a brilliant job at keeping their lips sealed. Here’s a list of 10 things we’re excited for at E3 2015. All aboard the hype train.

10. Gears Of War    

According to a recent leak, a remake of the original Gears Of War is already in development. While a remake is exciting, what we’re most excited for is an entirely new Gears Of War game. The next Gears Of War title should reignite the franchise and steer the series in a new direction. Can we surpass endless chainsaw decapitations and a duck and cover system that is finally starting to age? Only time will tell…

9. Uncharted

It’s been a long, four years since the release of Uncharted 3 and we can’t wait to see some gameplay footage of Uncharted 4. Since many PlayStation 4 owners may have been unable to play the first three titles, there are also rumors that Naughty Dog may be planning to re-release the original trilogy. If there’s one re-release that can’t be complained about, it’s the Uncharted series.

8. More Naughty Dog Releases

While we’re talking about Uncharted, let’s not forget The Last Of Us. The Last Of Us had us nearly in tears thanks to its compellingly powerful narrative. It raised the bar for the storytelling aspect of video games, and went on to win over 240 game of the year awards. Neil Druckmann, the director of the game, has already said the possibility of a sequel is about 50/50. The game ended in a way it could be put to rest, but who’s to say a new game couldn’t feature different protagonists and a whole new timeline? With Naughty Dog already working on Uncharted 4, it’s unlikely that we’ll hear much this year, but it’s certainly not out of the question.

7. Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus and Microsoft’s Hololens

2016 could well be the year where gaming goes fully “Matrix” on us. Other than showing us that riding a roller coaster is hilariously terrifying, we haven’t seen much else aside clips of modded gameplay footage and mediocre tech demos from the world of virtual reality. With a 2016 release set for a consumer model Oculus Rift and an announcement that Sony has set up a studio dedicated to Morpheus releases, let’s hope we can see some innovation from the self-proclaimed “future of gaming.”

6. Half Life 3

Valve is the Sandman of the gaming world. Somehow we’ve find ourselves in a never-ending dream where we’re going to hear a Half Life 3 announcement. Can we expect an announcement at this year’s E3? Probably not, but we can carry on dreaming.

6. Star Wars

We’ve got two Star Wars titles to look forward to. Dice is working on Star Wars: Battlefront, which is undoubtedly going to be awesome. Visceral Games, best known for the Dead Space series, are also working on an unannounced Star Wars game. Now, this could be anything. It could be a Jedi Knight 3 or it could be a game based on a Bounty Hunter. With so much to work with in the Star Wars universe, we’re excited to see which direction this unannounced title will take.

5. Final Fantasy XV

After years of waiting, bouts of uncertainty as it bounces in and out of development purgatory, and fears of cancellation, it’s finally here. If the recent demo and trailer are anything to go by, the game is going to be fantastic. And to be honest, it needs to be. The last few years haven’t been that great for Square Enix, with the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy receiving mediocre reviews and their Final Fantasy MMO was plagued with technical problems. Hopefully, FFXV will change this, and give us the Final Fantasy title that fans have been waiting for.

4. Activision

The only major IP released by Activision in recent years has been Destiny. The question is, can they carry on riding the hype train with that release alone? To be honest, they probably can. While we can expect new announcements regarding DLC for Destiny, we would love to see a brand new game. The success of the title has shown there’s definitely room for more IP’s in the market, and if Activision has done so well with Destiny, who’s to say they can’t do it all over again?

3. Halo 5

343 Studios took the Halo franchise in a new direction when they took over for Halo 4. Recent trailers for Halo 5 have shown that the latest game in the series could be the darkest yet. Touching upon themes such as loyalty and betrayal, Halo 5 seems to be humanizing Master Chief, rather than portraying him as the emotionless killing machine he’s been seen as so far. The game will be one of the biggest releases for the Xbox One and it’s looking fantastic so far.

2. Nintendo

While Sony and Microsoft go at each other like wild dogs, Nintendo seem to be playing it rather cool. We know we have a new Zelda game releasing next year, and this looks like it could be the best entry in the franchise yet. We also know we’re getting a new Lylat Wars, but what about other IP’s that Nintendo haven’t touched? Could we see a new Metroid game? What about F-Zero? The Wii U also needs a new Mario release, could we see a Super Mario Sunshine 2? Nintendo has always been good at keeping secrets, and E3 could be an amazing opportunity to show some of them off.

It’s worth remembering that Nintendo has an extensive back-catalogue of previous generation games that they haven’t released yet. With the announcement of N64 and Wii titles for download (and at very affordable prices), we could see the revival of some classic titles. Nintendo also announced that they’re working on integrating their games onto mobile devices, prompting rumours that the next piece of hardware from Nintendo could integrate a home console, mobile and tablet. With poor sales of the Wii U, we’re wondering how long it will be until Nintendo unveil a new console.

1. Bethesda

Anticipation. Anticipation never changes. 2015 is Bethesda’s first ever E3 press conference, so we’re expecting big things. We want Fallout 4. Everyone does. Give us that and we’ll be happy. We know that we’re going to be seeing a new DOOM title, but could we also see a new Dishonored game? What about Prey? Has that sunken through limbo and into development hell, or is there still hope for a sequel? What if they’re working on a game altogether? Show us your guns, Bethesda.

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Words by Mat Ombler for Highsnobiety.com

Words by Staff
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