Sunday Morning Reads is a regular reading list series brought to you by our editorial team.

Saturdays are for social niceties and Sundays are for curling up on a couch with a few good pieces of printed matter. On the off chance you do have some prior engagements today, if you’re like us, you’re counting down the moments until they end so you can return to relaxing. To help you unwind, we’re offering some of our favorite arts, culture and craft stories. Scroll down to see what you should be reading.

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Sumzine Issue 3

Between the animal print hat-bedecked model staring moodily from the cover and the no holds barred “raw” theme of the issue, self-described “slow fashion” mag Sum Zine doesn’t hold back. The newest volume explores all of the different meanings of the word “raw,” with the editor’s letter stating, “we wanted to look at a word that is often associated with all things ‘sustainable.’ This word can be just as holy as it can be filthy, so we tossed it through the elements…” If you’re curious about the different incarnations of “raw,” this is worth a look.

Oak Street Magazine Issue 3

The folks at Frank & Oak are a Selectism favorite who happen to produce “Oak Street,” a mag they describe as being at “the intersection of work, culture and community.” For the third issue they’ve tapped legendary graffiti artist Andre to produce an off-kilter cover illustration. Inside there are interviews with designers like Isaac Larose, as well as tours of production factories and profiles on global architecture.


Our Sincere Toils is a thin and unassuming volume that is much more powerful than it first appears. It is dedicated to the people of Ukraine, and relies heavily on visual storytelling to form a cohesive narrative. In fact, the images, by photographer Tommy Sussex are accompanied by little more than an intro and outro, which were also penned by him.

Lucky Peach “The Plant Kingdom” Issue

If you adore writing, food and culture (like this writer) Lucky Peach is one of those rare magazines that feels as if it was created specifically for you. In this “Plant Kingdom” themed issue the magazine attempts to “explore the plants we eat and drink with fresh eyes.” Even though food is one of our most basic and common needs, Lucky Peach manages to explore the culinary word with a wonderful sense of whimsy and novelty.

[PANK] Magazine Issue 6

[PANK] is already 11 issues in, but we like to take our time with literary journals. Founded in 2006, [PANK] is an experimental literature and arts collective that highlights emerging poetry and prose. For those looking for up and coming talents, and a gritty but always resonant and truthful approach to storytelling, [PANK] is an engaging and adventurous read. Interestingly enough, it also happens to be edited by novelist and critic Roxane Gay.

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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