It came as no surprise when Matthew Heineman won Best Director for Documentary Award at Sundance Festival early this year. His epic documentary, Cartel Land is more than a documentary – it’s a visionary masterpiece that could rival any Hollywood feature film. The documentary, which first premiered at Sundance Festival documents two stories, one from each side of the border, in the increasingly violent struggle between the Mexican drug cartels and peaceful people on the U.S.-Mexico border. The character-driven film provokes deep questions about lawlessness, the breakdown of order, and whether it is just for citizens to take up arms to fight violence with violence.

It is an incredible documentation of a devastating situation that deserves the acclaim it has since achieved and now The Orchard will release Cartel Land in select U.S. theaters starting July 3.

Watch the trailer above and check out the Five Sundance Films that got us excited this year.

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