Our coverage of cuisine on a global level continues with a look at a staple of California eating – food trucks. With warmer weather about to be in full swing, here are our recommendations for 5 of the best food trucks in San Francisco.

In America’s most expensive city to live in, restaurant space in San Francisco is highly sought-after, and is one of the reasons why many talented chefs are opting to take their businesses to the streets in food trucks and tents. The mobile food market has grown rapidly from coast to coast, and currently food trucks are more accessible than ever throughout most major cities. Offering 160+ mobile food businesses, Frisco takes it one step further and has developed a tightly knit community; congregating together at venues such as Off the Grid, SoMA StrEat Food Park, or even the Farmers Market at the Ferry Building. With so much choice, it’s no easy task to sample them all, but the following food trucks and stands are staples in the food truck landscape, as well as joints to keep your eye on.

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The Chairman

If you could only hit up a single truck, The Chairman would not leave you disappointed. Chef Hiroo Nagahara takes the standard Chinese steamed bun and lofts it up with bold flavors and quality ingredients. The Chairman also provide a larger burger-sized baked bun that is lightly glazed on the outside, in contrast to the fluffy center. Regardless of which bun is your favorite, many would agree the pork belly is a given filler. The Chairman pairs the crispy, yet tender, miso-glazed pork belly with a turmeric-pickled daikon. The acidic flavor from the pickled radish cuts through the fattiness of the pork belly leaving you refreshed. If pork belly isn’t your thing, you can always opt for Coca-Cola-braised pork, a Korean-inspired spicy chicken, or fried tofu.

1900 Folsom St.

Visit their website here.

Señor Sisig

This spot is certainly no stranger to San Franciscians who have taken a lap of the food truck circuit. Señor Sisig always seems to amass a considerable line; which is not surprising considering they have been featured on the Food Network’s Guy’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, as well as winning numerous awards. Their menu won’t be foreign to anyone who has eaten burritos or tacos before, but their choice of meat is a true talking point. This Filipino-Mexican fusion food truck takes their family sisig recipe and injects bold Filipino flavors together with Adobo garlic rice and signature cilantro cream sauce.

349 2nd St.

Find them on their website here.

3-Sum Eats

Cornflake-crusted fried chicken sandwich, truffle mac & cheese-filled spring rolls, and deep-fried brussel sprouts are the only three reasons why you need to try out 3-Sum Eats. 3-Sum Eats does everything in threes, providing diners with a trio of sandwich options, a triad of side dishes (one fried, one salad, one soup), complemented by a trinity of desserts.

300 De Haro St.

Visit them here.

Rye on the Road

Eating delicious food truck cuisine can be a tiring task without apt beverages. Where there are food trucks, Rye on the Road is not lagging behind by serving up amazing cocktails such as an Early Spring Julep, Basil Gimlet, or a Moscow Mule. Rye on the Road always has a range of options to match the right occasion, ensuring patrons stay hydrated in the most delicious fashion.

1117 Polk St.

Check them out here.

Johnny Doughnuts

If you smell the aroma of freshly baked goods and see a long line, odds are you can’t be far from Johnny Doughnuts. Their ingredients are locally sourced and each doughnut is handmade, so really there is no surprise that they taste this good. This confectionary purveyor boasts traditional options of cake doughnuts, jelly-filled, and a croissant variant called a Cro-Dough. A must-cop is their strawberry-peached bismarck filled doughnut. This is how a jelly-filled doughnut should be!

1617 4th St.

Visit them here.

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Words and images by David Chan for Highsnobiety.com

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