With 20 years of experience under their belts, YMC design duo, Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins, continue to offer youthful basics and modern classics to an eager audience. Catching a glimpse of Spring/Summer 2016, we sit down with Moss to find out more.

A London stalwart, Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins established YMC, You Must Create, back in 1995 as “a response to increasing demands for stylish, functional, modern clothing.” Many will remember the brand’s graphic tees, an early trademark; however, Moss and Collins have ensured longevity with an ever-growing collection of easy-to-wear staples. A coming together of work and sports-influenced clothing with references to classic British and American styles, the label has cleverly balanced youthfulness with a healthy respect for the old-school.

Presenting men’s and womenswear this weekend at London Collections: Men, Moss let us stop in for a moment to get a peek at the finished Spring/Summer 2016 line, and chat ’70s motocross and Peter Fonda horror flicks.

Tell us a little about your preparation for Spring/Summer 2016.

It all begins with rough ideas which I put down in the sketchbook I keep with me at all times. You never know when an idea comes to mind. Watching classic ’70s motocross films like “On Any Sunday” was the real starting point for Spring/Summer 2016.

How would you summarize the Spring/Summer 2016 collection?

Eclectic with elements of oriental workwear and a touch of ’70s styling.

Can you give us some insight into the details?

We have some interesting textures along with innovative blends. For instance, a linen cotton bonded metal which gives an almost 3D structural silhouette. For a softer feel we have indigo brocade cotton which is being used in relaxed tailoring. Accessories include a stylized “Homburg” hat made for us by Christys and our classic “Punk” sandals which have been given a sport luxe feel.

Who did you have in mind when designing the collection? Would you say you generally design for yourself or others?

For myself and my close circle of friends.

Is there one piece you’re really excited to unveil?

The suede bike suit inspired by the horror film, “Race With The Devil,” starring Peter Fonda.

Anyone else on the schedule you’re looking forward to checking out?

I live in my own little bubble so I tend not to involve myself in anything outside of the YMC show. I always feel you can take on other people’s ideas subconsciously and prefer to keep mine pure.

Words by Lena Dystant
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