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Longtime fans of handsome and functional audio equipment, we take a look at the Fern & Roby Turntable. Located in Richmond, Virginia, the company was founded by Christopher Hildebrand as part of industrial design team, Tektonics Design Group, a firm tapping into a diverse range of skills with members including engineers, architects, interior designers and industrial and graphic designers. “Designed as tools for living,” Fern & Roby balance usability with good-looks, using beautiful local and sustainable materials that encourage the user to interact with the product beyond simply pressing a button.

The Turntable,” as it’s simply called, is a perfect example of the brand’s ethos, appealing to audiophiles and aesthetes alike. A striking 70 pound cast iron plinth reduces resonance and encourages vibration-dampening throughout the audio system. Paired with a beautiful cast and turned 35 pound bronze platter, “dynamically balanced to 1000 rpm,” the duo work to create low-contact and low-friction. The inner-workings just as impressive, an old-school synchronous AC motor drives the heavyweight turntable, adapted to work with modern digital controls for ease of use. Find all the fine detail at the website and contact Fern & Roby for your nearest listening station.

Words by Lena Dystant
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