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A beautiful part of the world, if you’ve made the journey to Tuscany, it’s unlikely that you’ll be spending much time indoors. Tempting you to stick around past breakfast, the beautiful Villa Lena opens its doors, set in 500 hectares of verdant woodland, olive groves and vineyards. Eschewing the usual hotel format, the villa operates as an artist residency, offering guests access to a range of separate apartments and guest houses across its grounds. The brainchild of three friends from varying backgrounds; contemporary art consultant Lena Evstafieva, musician husband Jérôme Hadey and founder of Parisian nightclub Le Baron, Lionel Bensemoun, bring lessons learnt from their respective careers to this unique retreat. Introducing art to its visitors in a less intimidating environment, the trio aim to create a fun and lively environment. The grounds play host to international multi-disciplinary artists, film screenings, concerts and parties.

This being Italy, food plays a key role at Villa Lena. Brooklyn based Chef Alexis Delaney, a specialist in farm to table and sustainable restaurants, makes the best of the sizeable organic vegetable garden adjacent to the 19th Century villa, 400 varieties of vegetable keeping the menu interesting alongside foraged produce and local truffles. Do you still need convincing? Head to the website to find out more or book a room.

Words by Lena Dystant
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