If you’re the type of person whose thoughts wander off to nowhere and everywhere (What do cats think about? Could I dream in a different language? Is there an end to the galaxy?), then you’ll be into this. For the release of the much talked about Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung experimented with the possibility of sound, turning the smartphone into wireless instruments and creating music that spans different time and space zones — literally. Now you can get a half-answer to the last example question we just posed; although you may not be able to find out if or where the galaxy ends, you might be able to hear it.

But without getting too “Inception” or “Interstellar” on you, we’ll just say that the electronics mogul employed Little Dragon, an electronic band hailing from Sweden. The band, partnering with experience lab Odd Division, took sound samples recorded from NASA’s Kepler spacecraft and fused them with its most popular songs to perform with Samsung’s Galaxy S6 edge phones. The phones were given carefully-designed interfaces with which Little Dragon could play the keyboard, bass and drum, replacing the band members’ usual instruments in their performance at the New Museum earlier this month. The phones can create musical sounds as a reaction to every little touch, swipe and tilt of the hand.

Odd Division states, “It was a challenge to create a new interface entirely designed for mobile phones that Little Dragon would feel comfortable performing on. The interface had to be novel but accessible. With something so new and unusual we had to keep it familiar, [with] few parameters to control so that it felt as intuitive as possible.”

The performance took place at New Museum‘s top Sky Room floor, inside of a “prototype flying saucer,” handmade with skeletal wood, plexiglass and flashy LED lights. It was a perfect venue for the celebration of technology; the museum had incubated Odd Division as part of its initiative to connect art with technology, which is also ironic considering the fact that Odd Division is still based out of a Brooklyn garage — a far cry from Little Dragon’s “space-age wonderland.”

Press play above and learn more about Samsung’s playful project and hear what the Edge of the Universe sounds like.

Words by Staff
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