This week’s reading list includes printed matter on legends like Vivienne Westwood and Bruno Munari as well as niche magazines you’ve likely not seen before.

We’re back with another batch of weekend reads. For those who like to spend their Sundays on the deck with some printed matter, here are a couple of options to keep you going.

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“Munari’s Books” by Princeton Architectural Press

Picasso called Italian artist and graphic designer Bruno Munari “the Leonardo of our time.” “Munari’s Books” takes a look at the author’s extensive range of editorial work spanning his 70-year career. The volume encompasses everything from illustrated books and artists’ books to tomes on educational theory. It’s a book about books to get your creative juices flowing.

“Fashion Unfolds: Vivienne Westwood” by Moleskine 

The latest title from Moleskine, the “Fashion Unfolds” series centers on inimitable British designer Vivienne Westwood. The text offers a stunning visual encyclopedia of Westwood’s work, and takes a close look at the creative and artistic influences behind some of her most iconic designs. This cuts through any pretense and false glamour and gets right to the subject: a creative luminary and the way she works.

Pork” Magazine, #19

This one came to us unexpectedly: Our friends at Self Edge sent it over when dispatched their new Lady White Co. shirts. “Pork” magazine is the brainchild of husband and wife duo Sean and Katie Äaberg. A fanzine devoted to music, art and personal musings, “Pork”‘s 19th issue includes interviews with artist Tina Lugo, and bands Ravages and Dirty Fences along with a collection of grotesque comic strips and general witticism.

“On The Road” by Jack Kerouac 

You probably read Jack Kerouac’s seminal text about traveling across America with his buddies back when you were a wide-eyed youth trying to make it in the world. If you did, the original scroll – the uncut version with all the parts deemed too explicit for 1957 put back in – is the perfect way to revisit a classic. If you’re still a wide-eyed youth or have yet to read the book, you should pick up a copy. Thanks to Warby Parker for sending this along as part of its new “Summer Road Trip Kit.”

Sandqvist Journal,” Issue No. 6

The purveyors of Scandinavian bags and accessories bring out a beautiful collection of words and images on hiking, alternative forms of housing, and a short story by author Hans Lidman. The journal also profiles some of “the Sandqvist crew” and highlights new products. The result is a slim volume that gives you a glimpse of the brand’s ethos.

TALC” Magazine, Issue 1

“TALC” magazine is a beautifully made glossy, featuring interviews, essays and brilliant photography that isn’t quite work-appropriate. The magazine’s inaugural Postmodern issue includes photo spreads on iconic designs like the Wegner Couch and a classic Rolex, all displayed with the help of nude models. There are also in-depth interviews with photographer Barbara Nitke and “WET” magazine founder Leonad Koren. For something a little more eye-catching, try the essay on the redefinition of the word “porn.” It tackles everything from “food porn” to “cabin porn,” and the way we consume imagery. The nudity is pretty gratuitous, but in a high-brow kind of way.

Talk,” Issue 1

“Talk” came out of a frustration with the ivory tower rigidity that dominated design discourse, and a desire to put out a product that takes a non-hierarchical and more diverse look at the vagaries of design, style and subculture. The magazine’s first issue includes a fashion, photography and some out-there layout work. This is an intelligent magazine that takes an incisive look at the world it lives in, while looking good doing it.

Pylot” Magazine, Issue 02 

For its second issue, “Pylot” magazine decided to make its focus “the family.” With this in mind, the editorial team tasked writers and photographers with probing the meaning of family, and the different ways the word manifests itself. The results include photo spreads of siblings and parents, an essay by Alex Wood on the difficulties of using family as an artistic subject, and some stellar fashion editorials with a diverse range of models.

Victory Journal,” Issue 9

As the title suggests, “Victory Journal” is about athletes and the games they play. The journal’s immense pages brilliantly display an array of photoessays, ranging from a feature on teenage falconers in the UAE to a profile of basketball star Thon Maker. Stunning images also accompany a story on soccer in Ukraine and The Little League World Series.

Words by Adil Habib
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