In an effort to unify a region filled with over 200 nationalities, Coca-Cola has removed its logo on cans in the Middle East for Ramadan. Ramadan lasts from June 17-July 17, as it is a month of fasting for Muslims. With the fight for equality seemingly as intense as it has ever been, the beverage manufacturer is hoping that this somewhat small gesture will make individuals aware that labeling people is not okay.

The limited edition cans have been stripped of their brand logo lettering, but still feature the iconic Coke stripe. They also bear “Labels are for cans, not for people” tagging.

“In the Middle East, a region with over 200 nationalities and a larger number of labels dividing people, these Coca-Cola cans send a powerful and timeless message that a world without labels is a world without differences,” says the Dubai-based agency FP7/DXB. “And that we are all basically just the same—human.”

Earlier this year, Coca-Cola also released a series of cans and bottles featuring people’s names in braille.

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