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Yes, touting an enormous city map while visiting a new locale can mean you can look like an embarrassingly clueless tourist. But Red Maps somehow manages to take the fold-out map format and make it infinitely cooler than its ugly and cumbersome cousin. With their deep-red covers and black borders, these slender maps are folded accordion-style, meaning you can flip through them like a book or open them fully without them ever taking up too much space or getting in your way. Folded up, they fit easily in your bag or back pocket.

James Leniart was working in real estate drawing out maps for clients when a coworker suggested he make it a full time job. The creative director’s education in architecture and interest in aesthetics not only inform the design of his product; they’re central to the content of the maps as well. Each of the maps (some for entire cities, others for dense neighborhoods) highlight the essential destination points for those with a discerning eye. Whether it’s noteworthy museums and galleries, or restaurants and retail outlets, Red Maps’ comprehensive lists ensure you’ll know where to go.

You can shop Red Maps’ entire range online, starting at $10, or at retailers worldwide, including colette, Andreas Murkudis and your nearest Standard Hotel.

Words by Adil Habib
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