This week we’ve got a stack of morning reads that will inspire both your Sunday reflection and possibly a spontaneous look into flights to California.

If you’re one of those lucky ones who have a front porch or backyard where you can lay back in your hammock (or bench or fold-out chair) to sulk in the sun, we hope you can enjoy all or at least some of these print gems while you do so. If not, there’s always the local community park. The books and magazines listed here are good companions.

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Mid Century Ads

Just as the title suggests, “Mid-Century Ads” is filled with bright advertisements and reproductions from the post-Cold War era. Each page is filled with colorful shades of capitalism, taking you back to a time where consumerism was synonymous with patriotism. Somewhere between the Marlboro Man and some odd asymmetrical patterned ties, any “Mad Men” lover is sure to be filled with a sense of optimistic nostalgia.


Failed Dioramas

“Failed Dioramas” explores the static interiors of a private home filled with a peculiar collection of rare oddities. Abundant with taxidermies and household clutter, the catalogue offers insight into the idea of collections and lifestyles, presenting a still-life series that is as stirring as it is accidental.


Forms of Formalism N.2

From Louis de Belle, the artist responsible for the “fake” Bauhaus book, “Forms of Formalism” continues to push the idea of formalism beyond that of simple aesthetics. Gleaning both photographic works and written contributions, the modest offering ties shapes and structures with their surrounding contexts to present new perspectives to your Sunday reflections.


Issue 12

The latest issue of “Umbrella” carries a diverse assortment of cultures within its matte-finished pages. Pieces reflecting upon modern South London and as well as 20th-century America are juxtaposed against elements like a summer style guide. The magazine delivers a refreshing mix of nostalgia and anticipation through bright design and thoughtful editorial.


ANP Quarterly Issue 18

After a two-year hiatus, RVCA’s “ANP Quarterly” is back and bigger than ever (literally). The “extra thick” issue is packed with a unique blend of talents, highlighting artists and painters of California culture. The cover story includes an interview with famed artist and punk frontman Gibby Haynes, while conversations with others ranging from an Italian crime photographer to a 17-year-old underground vegan baker are also documented.


Ritratti Vol. 1

We’ve already posted about Foscarini’s latest catalog earlier this week, but we are still in love. The Italian lighting innovator continues to publish high-quality work, this time focusing on both indoor and outdoor offerings. Bypassing price tags and other details typically associated with a product catalog, Foscarini uses stunning portraits its catalogs have come to be known for and allows the lighting to speak for itself.


2139 Issue 2

The second of Colony 2139’s periodicals seeks to push the integration of modern home and work life by admiring the modern convergence of Japanese personality with Californian design aesthetic. With large bold images and unique perspectives offered by interviews with the likes of The Dolls’ violinist Caitlin Moe and other cultural influencers, the zine illuminates the California personalities with inspiring honesty.

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