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Mantiques Modern has offered rare vintage items from the likes of Jean Prouvé, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermés, Cartier, Dunhill and Gucci — the list goes on — since the 1970s. But the store, located in the heart of Manhattan and now owned by Kenny Felberbaum and Cory Margolis, was founded just 12 years ago. It’s got it all: from a coffee table made with aircraft engines to a genuine gold flask by Cartier, there’s a plethora of oddities and rare gems to be discovered at the Mantiques store.

Perhaps what’s most impressive about it, however, is the fact that its extensive archive is all recorded online for potential buyers to peruse. Most every item that the store has acquired has a dedicated landing page with a gallery of images, and detailed specifications of its time and place of origin. The only thing unlisted is the price, which you have to contact the dealer directly to find out.

Recently, The Line has selected a few items from Hermés, Dior and more from Mantiques, allowing shoppers to purchase them online. What this lets us see is the price range of some of these items, which easily go into the thousands. Preview them above and see more for yourself here.

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