For a while now, rumors of a “secret menu” at McDonald’s have been circulating. But thanks to a recent Reddit AMA with a UK-based McDonald’s manager, we have a bit of clarity on the topic.

First off, “secret menu” items can indeed be taken advantage of at select McDonald’s locations, although according to Mashable and their conversation with the fast food company, “Any requests for extra items or changes to our products are considered at the restaurant manager’s discretion and any additional items may be charged for.” So basically, you’ll have to try your luck and see how it goes.

The aforementioned UK McDonald’s manager revealed that any additional ingredient added to an existing menu item is considered a “grill order.” That could be anything as simple as doing away with lettuce on your Big Mac. So to access the establishment’s “secret menu” that was not created in-house, by the way, just request your desired ingredients, as employees may not know the “secret menu” names off of the title alone.

An example of one of Mickey D’s “secret menu” options is the intriguingly-named McGangbang, which is a McChicken Sandwich inside of a McDouble. Or you could go with the Land, Sea and Air Burger – a Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish and McChicken all in one.

For interested parties, #HackTheMenu has provided a detailed look at numerous “secret menu” items from McDonald’s. Are you down to try any of them?

Also, did you know that you can now purchase the Big Mac secret sauce?

Not NYC, not LA.

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