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Just like clockwork we’re bringing you another edition of Sunday Morning Reads. This weekend we’ve been enjoying reading up on Helmut Newton, innovative graphic designers and much more.

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Helmut Newton: Polaroids

The polaroid was used for years as a test camera for the professional photographer. Before a big shoot, Helmut Newton would always shoot his scene on instant film to understand the setting, light and frame. His best polaroids have been compiled into an extensive book — we actually find this work more compelling than some of his professional editorial shoots. If you’re unfamiliar, Newton is famous for some of “Vogue”‘s most compelling and provocative work as well as some Pirelli calendars.


The Details: Iconic Men’s Accessories

Style writer Josh Sims has penned articles for some of our favorite publications, and in his new coffee table reader “Details,” his pen remains unfaltering. The book offers a heavily researched, extremely in-depth look at the histories behind some of the most enduring men’s accessories; all intermixed with timeless portraits of pioneering fashion figures. If you’re as obsessed with men’s style as we are, this is a must-have addition to the home library.


Collective Quarterly 02: Mad River

We were more than excited to find that “Collective Quarterly” just released its second issue. Following its debut issue dedicated to Montana, this time “CQ” hones in on Vermont’s Mad River Valley region for a series of more visually and intellectually stimulating features. From anecdotes of a German refugee to “wacky” architects and a woman who handmakes knives with horse hoof rasps, “Mad River” has got it all. You definitely need this in your hands.


Red Wing Post no.2

Another publication to introduce its second edition is Red Wing Post. After an inaugural Post one year ago, the shoemaker finally comes out with no.2, again highlighting the inspirations and making processes behind its boots with features from its very own craftsmen. For the 110th birth year of the brand, this Red Wing Post also previews Red Wing’s special Huntsman anniversary boot set to release this September. You can find Red Wing Post now at Red Wing stores in Europe.


Graphic Design Visionaries

Journalist, author and founder of “Grafik” magazine, Caroline Roberts, authored the newest title in Laurence King Publishing’s diverse line-up. Her book, “Graphic Design Visionaries” features over 340 illustrations from some of the most celebrated names in the creative and design fields. It’s incredibly enlightening to learn more about how rule breakers, visionaries and innovators like Paul Rand, Tibor Kalman and Armin Hoffmann created and saw the world. Though design is by nature abstract, Roberts does a wonderful job of establishing a strong connective thread between the many disciplines and styles featured in the book.

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