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Gone are the days of having to interact with another human when all you want to do is retreat to your room and the comfort of your glowing LCD screens, thanks to a hotel in Japan which allows you to do just that. The Henn na is the world’s first robot-run hotel, which provides you with the luxury of communicating only with artificial intelligence. The robots man the reception, concierge desk and transport your luggage, as well as provide useful information such as room temperature, lighting adjustments, and the weather forecast. If you thought the gimmick of humans being replaced by robots was something only afforded by the wealthy, think again, Henn na’s creators believe it’s a viable low-cost “smart’ hotel, and prices start at as little as ¥9,000 ($73 USD).

Visit the Henn na website to find out more. For more inspiring hotels, check out Hollywood’s recently opened MAMA Shelter.

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