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The prolific legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright has left fingerprints on countless aspects of modern architecture. Over the course of his career Wright designed and conceptualized more than 1,000 structures and saw over 500 through to completion. Today, several of his works have gone on to become celebrated landmarks, and 10 have even been submitted for consideration as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In celebration of Wright’s innovative thinking and enduring point of view, one which focuses on creating harmony between humanity and the environment, Taschen has published a hefty retrospective on the architect’s work. The volume is penned by Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer, a now-leading Wright historian who began his career as the Wright’s personal apprentice.

Pfeiffer currently serves as archives director at Taliesen West, a structure designed by Frank Lloyd Wright that formerly served as his winter home and school. Currently it is the main campus of the Frank Lloyd Wright School, and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Given Pfeiffer’s position, he had access to a vast amount of resources, all of which he channeled into the new volume.

You can pick yours up through Taschen for $69 now.

  • Source: Wallpaper*
Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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