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Amsterdam, the city of canals and interchanging architecture is also home to some more taboo pleasantries. The many coffee shops dotted around the Dutch capital sell the highest grade in some of the most unusual ways. Fraîche, a cozy restaurant in Amsterdam’s hip Jordaan district can now be added to that roster by offering a dining experience like no other. For $80 a head, a party of 25 can taste-test their way through an eight-course psychedelic dinner, as chefs and co-owners Noah Tucker and Tony Joseph cook up varieties of hash, bud and truffles, much to their guests’ delight. Expect plum- and bacon- flavored hash, salmon with Syrian rue, wild bass with lemon and pineapple kush, and BBQ-style truffles, among many more treats.

You can check out the full culinary experience by heading over to the The Guardian and for more designer methods of getting high, check out this Aura bong.

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