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Offering “high-end independent designer eyewear at a transparent and democratic price,” newcomer Glints joins a fast-growing club of frame manufacturers adopting a direct model. Cutting out the middle-man these companies are able to offer stylish spectacles at reasonable costs, waving goodbye to the days when a new pair of glasses would be a major spend. Based in London, Glints turn to Japan for manufacturing and materials; durable and color rich Japanese Zyl acetates formed into a 15-piece range by skilled craftsmen across 60 “precise and careful steps.”

Leaning towards the more traditional, preppy silhouette, high quality Hoya superior lenses are encased in ’50s style cuts utilizing a variety of shades, our personal favourite – the librarian-friendly “Trego” in Havana Tortoiseshell. Offering a try at home service and an accompanying range of sun lenses, head to the website for more.

Words by Lena Dystant
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