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Brooklyn artisans and champions of all things outdoors, Horse Cycles, have unveiled their latest handcrafted creation: the side car bike. Made with super strong chromoly alloy steel, it comes ready to ride with a Brooks saddle and grips, and 35mm wheels – meaning it’s the perfect size for just about anyone.

A true workhorse (pun partially intended), the side car bike’s namesake flatbed is made from hardwood oak with a 100lb load capacity (roughly the equivalent of two or three large dogs), fitted with a small 12″ wheel. However, the oak can be switched for salvaged Coney Island boardwalk wood reclaimed after Hurricane Sandy, if you want to source local. It’s a perfect delivery and messenger bike for the professional, but the guys at Horse Cycles also designed it for leisure with the side car bike a healthy transport option for their other passions: camping and surfing.

You can also check out our visit to Horse Cycles’ Brooklyn workshop and see the craftsmen in action constructing their Camping Knife.


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