Cycling has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in larger metropolitan cities. And while there are certain apps that in turn aid in navigation, SmartHalo has taken the concept to a completely different level, as the impressive tech add-on basically turns your bicycle into a smart bike.

The circular device was designed to fit almost any bike, as it is fastened securely to your handlebars. It was built to withstand the elements, whether it be rain, dirt or wipe-outs. SmartHalo wirelessly sinks to your smartphone, then providing you with the quickest and safest route to reach your desired destination. Along the way, it will direct you, warning you of turns in advance. The accessory also tracks your bike metrics and acts as a type of health app while you are riding. When on board at night, SmartHalo will automatically turn on its nightlight, allowing you to in turn see and be seen. As the device is linked with your mobile phone, it will then alert you of incoming calls or messages while connected. And you don’t really have to worry about individuals attempting to steal SmartHalo, as it can only be unlocked from your bicycle by a special key.

For more on this innovative device for cyclists, follow on over to their Kickstarter today.

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Not NYC, not LA.

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