Instagrammers, rejoice — as today the popular social media platform has presented easily one of its biggest updates yet. You no longer have to worry about cropping or using InstaSquare, seeing as Instagram is now allowing landscape and portrait picture options. In short, no more square-only shots. The square format is still available, as all three can be utilized for stills or videos. Now all you have to do is tap the format icon and choose your desired layout, so your best friend doesn’t get cut out of the group photo, or you don’t chop someone’s feet off, etc.

Some of you are probably worried about the overall look and symmetry of your profile, though. Instagram has provided a fix for that as well. When looking at your landscape or portrait photos via your profile as a whole, it will simply highlight a center-cropped square version. But when you click on the shot, or view it on your timeline, you will be able to see the full variation.

So what are you waiting for? Update for iOS or Android now.

Not NYC, not LA.

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