You may have noticed that we really, really, enjoy snooping around beautifully presented homes. From incredible online tours to the latest print releases, nothing distracts us from work quite like a ’60s Danish sideboard and a raggedy indigo throw. Tapping into a growing obsession, Monocle walk us through its 402-page ode to staying in and getting comfortable; “The Monocle Guide to the Cosy Home.” Published by long-standing partner Gestalten, showcasing “the durable and the meaningful through a collection of homes that tell a story,” the globe-trotting journal collects a diverse series of residences from around the world, from city living in London, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo to the peace and quiet of the Swedish archipelago and the rolling green of the Swiss countryside. “Places where people really live with children, dogs and a life worth of belongings,” alongside a raft of inspiring photography you’ll find informed commentary and essays from the likes of Ilse Crawford, Sam Hecht and Ruth Rogers alongside specialists in garden, light and furniture design. Grab a copy at online.

Words by Lena Dystant
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