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Today we continue our ‘5 Instagram Accounts to Follow this Week’ feature. As before, Highsnobiety’s Will Nichols and Pete Williams chose five of their favorite personalities on Instagram, each of whom share an eye-catching range of imagery, be it portrait and landscape or architecture and fashion. We also briefly spoke with each individual featured to learn a bit more about their IG habits.

@hannahsider / Followers: 68.5k / Joined: December 22, 2011

Follows: Not only is she a muse but an incredibly talented artist/photographer @irachernova

Favorite place to shoot: I’m usually more inspired by people than places but I find the quiet side streets of Paris very inspiring.

Footwear of choice: White Nike AF1 or the all white leather Converse.

@vladviper / Followers: 22.4k / Joined: 2013.11.10

Follows: @13thWitness – great edits.

Favorite place to shoot: Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo, best view of Tokyo.

Footwear of choice: Nike is best for climbing rooftops or bridges and for walking.

@dbarchitecture / Followers: 16.2k / Joined: October 2011

Follows: Right now it’s @TelAvivian, it gives me a glimpse of my hometown. I am so proud to see how it’s developed. Great to see the Bauhaus architecture that’s rooted in my work, young people enjoying the cafes, new restaurants and happenings. Since I don’t live there, it’s a great way to connect. They do an awesome city guide.

Favorite place to shoot: Documenting my construction sites gives me real insight into the process. The action of taking the photos, connects me to the space and light in another dimension. It’s not only a great way to share my work, but also as a medium for me to learn about what really works and what was maybe too difficult to pull off. Plus, I think people get a kick out of seeing the progress to the completed project.

Footwear of choice: Chuck Taylor All Star II white low top.

@meetmarilyn / Followers: 11.2k / Joined: October 2014

Follows: Favourite account to follow is @13thWitness. He was also my first.

Favorite place to shoot: All over London in general, but Canary Wharf is dope for clean backdrops to shoot some sneakers.

Footwear of choice: Overall footwear would be Nike, specifically my Jordan Futures win all around, they are just an expensive sock!

@une_olive / Followers: 9,221 / Joined: January 2011

Follows: @sportfahrer, I love cars and landscapes, he mixes both with a unique style using his iPhone only. I would also recommend @sarah_benti, she really has an eye for photography.

Favorite place to shoot: Everywhere! But I have a crush for small European villages, especially in Denmark.

Footwear of choice: Vans

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Editor-In-Chief, Highsnobiety Magazine

I am Pete Williams. Editor-in-Chief at Highsnobiety, founder of clothing label Raised by Wolves and resident of Montreal, Canada. For more, check me out on Instagram @petewilliams.

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