Over its lifetime, GoPro have produced some truly spectacular videos, but now the makers of the ultimate extreme sport accessory have upped the game with their first ever 360-degree virtual reality camera.

The GoPro “Odyssey” comprises 16 synchronized HERO4 Black cameras which are used to shoot a 360-degree video from all angles at up to 8K resolution. The device is designed to work alongside Google’s cloud-based “Jump” assembler, as footage is stitched together to create an end result that works with either a virtual reality headset or as part of a scrollable, interactive YouTube clip.

Admittedly, the rig isn’t exactly designed for conventional GoPro use. After all, 16 GoPros strapped to your skateboard helmet would be a little top heavy considering the entire setup weighs more than 6.5kg. What’s more, with a limited number for sale and price tag of $15,000, it’s strictly for the, ahem, “Pros” and only by application. Qualifying applicants will get their Odyssey bundles later this year by heading over to GoPro’s dedicated Odyssey page.

For a glimpse at what’s possible, take a look at the full 360 experience above (Google Chrome only).

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