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Following our preview of the latest issue, the “Rig Out” returns to our pages, sending over a first look at a limited edition zine insert created by London-based artist Margot Bowman. “Making the strange beautiful and the imagined physical,” Bowman’s off-beat style has attracted the likes of Nike, NOWNESS, Alexander McQueen and AnOther. Featuring words by writer Coco Mellors, photography by Mehdi Lacoste and Glenn Kitson as well as Bowman herself, “Body Insert” can be found in the latest issue of “Rig Out 9: Back In Training.”

A project best described by the woman who created it, Bowman explains:

“I was walking past a luxury apartment building that’s being developed in my neighbourhood. The advertising was a ten foot tall billboard of a woman on her back with her legs in the air, wearing a pair of high heels and a trench coat.

Why was this image being used to sell housing? Because the no-brainer symbol to use when you’re selling something is a sexy woman. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling.

When the “Rig Out” approached me to create this zine, I wanted to flip what you normally see —women plonked on a wall or a page acting out a meaningless male fantasy (that I don’t think men even find particularly sexy) and give airtime to different perspectives on sexuality and desire.

What was so alienating (and, in fact, creepy) about the woman on the billboard was how lifeless she was. There’s a glut of media depicting what desire is supposed to look like, but not what it feels like. That’s what “Body Insert” is trying to do; it’s about living bodies and what’s inside them.”

Depending on your office vibe, a little NSFW in places, dive in and find your very own copy at locations including Oi Polloi, Nepenthes and WP Lavori.

Words by Lena Dystant
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