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Following last week’s onslaught of Apple news, the Cupertino giant has officially released their latest software update for iPhone and iPad, officially titled iOS 9. In addition to new emojis, the update comes loaded with a range of useful improvements from Siri suggestions to better battery life. While some will undoubtedly more practical than others, some are just too neat not to mention. Check out some of our favorites below.

1. Better Battery Life (…Hopefully)

Without any question the iPhone’s most needed improvement, iOS 9 comes loaded with something simply called “Low Power Mode.” Setting your device to this setting will supposedly extend your battery life by three hours but it’ll take a few weeks of testing to determine how effectively it works. In any case, it shows that Apple is listening to users’ complaints and it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

2. Send More Than 5 Photos at a Time via Email

Anyone that’s ever needed to send a bunch of photos at a time via email has certainly ran into the frustrating problem of being limited by Apple’s five-photo limit. No longer will users have to break up image sets into multiple emails, instead you’ll be able to just send over one, comprehensive email. *wooooosh*

3. The Settings Menu Gets a Search Bar

Among the most unwieldy of Apple’s menus, Settings finally gets its own dedicated search bar. That means no more going back and forth between tabs trying to find the one thing you’re looking for. Of course, you’ll still have to have a rough idea of what you’re after, otherwise you’ll search will lead nowhere.

4. Siri Can Use Time and Location to Search For Photos

Siri continues to learn more as she’s now capable of finding photos using nothing but time and location. For instance, if you went to Italy in 2014 you could say, “Show me photos from my vacation in Italy in 2014.” If you move around a lot and take hundreds of photos, this one will for sure come in handy more than once.

5. If You Don’t Know Who’s Calling, iPhone Will Make an Educated Guess

Easily this writer’s favorite feature, if you receive a call from an unknown number iOS 9 will suggest potential callers based on who you have in your contacts. It can’t guess a total stranger’s identity but if you’ve emailed with someone before, for instance, chances are it’ll know who’s calling.

6. Apple Maps Now Provides Public Transit Directions

Although Google Maps has had this feature for years, Apple Maps finally gets a much-needed update as they provide public transit directions. If it works as well as Google’s, we may see a strong increase in the amount of Apple Maps users, an app all but ignored by the company’s geeky fanbase.

7. Siri Will Now Suggest Things to You

One of the biggest upgrades to iOS 9 is Siri Suggestions, which offers up places you may want to visit, apps you might want to use and more. Like most tools these days, the more you use Siri Suggestions, the better it gets to know you. In most ways it’s similar to Google Now but only time will tell if it’s as helpful.

8. iOS 9 Will Predict Which Apps You Want to Use

Introduced as “triggers,” your iPhone now has the ability to anticipate which apps you want to use based on a particular action. Say, for example, you plug your headphones in every morning, your iPhone will start to guess that you want to listen to music and will launch whichever music app you use most automatically.

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