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Luxury fashion and art go hand-in-hand, not merely in the sense that both are exclusive and unattainable to the masses but also because they have similar consumers. For brands, catering to lovers of art means elevating themselves to that sophisticated audience, feeding into their the credibility and historic significance. That’s why the likes of Prada, Louis Vuitton, Azzadine Alaia and Salvatore Ferragamo have long been patrons of the arts, going so far as to build separate museums and foundations dedicated to preserving and highlighting them.

Most recently, the house of Ferragamo helped renovate Florence’s Uffizi Gallery, donating over 600,000 Euros to rebuild eight of its rooms. Previously having housed works by Michaelangelo, they now hold paintings and sculptures dating back to the late 15th-century. As a fellow Florentine name, Ferragamo’s goal is to “uphold Italy’s unparalleled culture and arts.”

The renovated spaces are lined with deep sage green walls that complement the rich golden frames of the artwork. Terracotta-colored floors and dark marble borders finish them off, which now has upgraded air conditioning, motion detectors and lighting.

If you’re in the city of the Lily, visit Uffizi for the new exhibitions, opened just two days ago.

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