Following our 24 Hour Guides to Johannesburg, Vancouver, Toronto and West End, Portland, our latest installment takes a trip to Sweden’s second-biggest city Gothenburg, with pointers from local group Little Dragon.

Oftentimes, Sweden’s second-biggest urban center Gothenburg is left in the shadow of Stockholm, the country’s capital. Home of denim stalwarts Nudie Jeans, camera manufacturer Hasselblad, and automotive marque Volvo, the port city of Gothenburg is inhabited by close to a million people, including electronic quartet Little Dragon. To guide us around Gothenburg – a locale that has been named Scandinavia’s most underrated city – we turned to Yukimi, Fredrik, Håkan and Erik, who shared their favorite spots throughout the city.

Very much a city of the arts – and home of the Gothenburg Film Festival, which brings around 150,000 visitors annually over January and February – Gothenburg is considered by many to be the music capital of Sweden. Not only the host of music festivals like Way Out West and Metaltown, but acclaimed indie artists such as Studio, The Knife, Air France and The Tough Alliance call the seaside city home.

Check out Little Dragon’s suggestions below for spending 24 hours in Gothenburg.

Hotel: Dorsia Hotel
Trädgårdsgatan 6, 411 08

Upon entering the unabashedly opulent Dorsia Hotel, patrons may feel as though they’ve just stepped on a movie set. In a pronounced departure from any notions of Swedish minimalism, the boutique hotel offers 37 individually designed rooms, none of which are short on antique furnishings, sumptuous silks and appropriate mood lighting to enhance the not-so-subtle decor.

Also check out: Hotel Pigalle, Upper House, Hotel Barken Viking

Breakfast: Cafe Ärtan
Vegagatan 55, 413 11

According to Little Dragon, Gothenburg’s Cafe Ärtan is perfect “…to calm the pace down a bit, and chill with the local retired folk.” Stop by to enjoy a traditional Swedish fika (coffee accompanied by a small snack), then hit the road to see the sights.

Also check out: da Matteo, Alkemisten, Llama Lloyd

Entertainment: HagaBion
Linnégatan 21, 413 04

Screening a diverse array of cuts from around the world, HagaBion maintains an emphasis on films that do not come from Hollywood. Hagabion also has a nice bar and restaurant, while Little Dragon recommends this particular spot to “feel a bit intellectual and watch some art-house movies.”

Also check out: Botaniska Garden, A-Venue

Sightseeing: Skansen Kronan
Skansberget, Linnéstaden, 436 50

Little Dragon insists that this former military installation is “…one of the best views of Gothenburg and the perfect picnic spot.” Grab some bitesized delicacies from the nearby Feskekôrka market and make sure to bring a blanket.

Also check out: The Gothenburg ArchipelagoMatvandringen, Älvsborg Fortress

Lunch: Downtown Deli
Kyrkogatan 40, 411 15

Little Dragon’s favorite Lebanese lunch joint, Downtown Deli is a delicatessen purveying authentic dishes from tabbouleh and baba bhannouj to homemade jams and coffee. While the Swedish group prefers the deli for a midday bite, Downtown Deli also has a breakfast menu that is worth checking out.

Also check out: Umami Burger Truck, Restaurant Gabriel, Saluhall Briggen

Shopping: Shelta
Andra Långgatan 21, 413 28

Located in the former red-light district of Gothenburg – which today still houses a number of strip clubs and sex shops – Shelta opened its doors in 2004, drawing inspiration from the worlds of DJing, graphic design and skateboarding to create a concise retail outpost. Shoppers will be privy to a selection of labels including fellow-Scandinavians Norse Projects, Wood Wood and Polar Skate Co, as well as sneaker staples like Jordan Brand, adidas Skateboarding and New Balance.

Also check out: Nudie JeansLester

Coffee/Drinks: Bar Centro
Kyrkogatan 31, 411 08

This Gothenburg fixture has been operating since 1999, serving simple Italian home-style fare and quality coffee. Stop by in the morning or early afternoon for a quick espresso, or in the evening to sample the selection of organic, biodynamic and natural wines.

Also check out: Hush HushForssén & Öberg, Brewers Beer Bar

Dinner: Folk
Olof Palmes plats, 413 04

Housed within Gothenburg’s Folkteatern or “People’s Theatre,” Folk’s menu takes inspiration from all over Europe. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty dinner or a quick glass of wine before attending the theatre, Folk comes highly recommended by Little Dragon, who note that the restaurant always promises “…delicious vegetarian food, wine and good vibes overall.”

Also check out: BoulebarHoze, Norda Bar & Grill

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