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Few garments are as effortlessly stylish as the breton, the simple combination of stripes and a broad neckline as casual, classic and unfussy as it gets. There are currently just a handful of brands dedicated to creating and recreating this timeless shirt and even fewer who consistently get it right. Armor Lux is one such name, most definitely a regular in our wardrobes, that relaxed fit repeated in multiple color combinations always a winner no matter the time of year. For Fall/Winter 2015, Armor Lux go back to this icon’s nautical roots, shooting their bestsellers at sea where the story of the”tricot” began in the 1800s. Born in Brittany as the name would suggest, the bold lines an early high-visibility trick, the breton was said to make sailors and fisherman easier to spot should they be unlucky enough to go overboard.

With various versions popping up all over France, families adopting their own combination much like traditional tartans, it was time for the breton to get serious. Giving it the official seal of approval, in 1858 the French Navy stated that the true breton should be comprised of 21 wide white stripes and 20 narrow indigo blue stripes, the number 21 a reference to the total number of Napoleon’s victories. Decades later, the mariner’s jersey would become part of everyday casualwear, a favorite with the likes of Coco Chanel and Pablo Picasso and pretty much the best thing you can wear with a pair of jeans save for the white tee. Now a menswear standard, Armor Lux have been creating its own take in their Brittany factory since 1938. Head to the website to select your fit and colorway.

Words by Lena Dystant
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