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Californian sound specialists Sonos have unveiled two new additions to their product line: an updated version of their top-of-the-range speaker, the SONOS PLAY:5, and a unique new audio-enhancing and tuning technology known as Trueplay, available as a free update to the Sonos app.

In a unique new move, Trueplay allows for the Sonos range to be tuned and optimized for wherever a Sonos speaker is positioned in a room, bringing out the best in both the hardware as well as the record. It’s not exactly often that you find yourself questioning the quality of the sounds that your hearing based on your speaker’s position and the shape of the room, unless you’re perhaps employed in the music industry. Trueplay, through the mic in your iPhone or iPad, the Sonos app and a unique sound signal emitted from the speakers, essentially reduces a process that was once a complex and expensive professional calibration down to a touch of a button. The results are impressive.

Initially, Trueplay will be available on all SONOS PLAY:1, SONOS PLAY:3, SONOS PLAY:5 products along with iOS controllers before being rolled out to the full Sonos lineup over time.

In a complementary move, Sonos have completely reengineered their flagship home audio system, the SONOS PLAY:5, tweaking it from the ground up. The redesigned speaker features six synchronized, custom-designed drivers: the speaker’s three mid-woofers create smooth mids and deeps combined with powerful lows that genuinely rumble, complemented by three tweeters that deliver crystal clear highs. The result is a solid soundscape with precise separation of vocals and instruments, with room-filling dimensions and meeting, if not surpassing, studio sound quality and power. You can use it as a standalone speaker, placed vertically, or pair it up with a second to separate and balance sound channels, as well as broaden the soundstage. The SONOS PLAY:5 retails at $499 USD, $549 CAD, $749 AUS, €579 and £429.

For more information, visit Sonos’ site.

View Sonos’ special edition PLAY:1 Tone Speaker here.

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