While the origin of the hamburger dates all the way back to the 13th century, the famed food item has been a favorite within the United States for decades. It has of course evolved and transformed over the years, with select establishments playing influential roles in regards to improvements and popularity. Reputable burger scholar George Motz recently joined forces with First We Feast to take a look at said stateside restaurants that have helped make the burger what it is today.

From familiar franchises like McDonald’s and White Castle to lesser known spots such as The Meers Store and Louis’ Lunch, head on over to First We Feast to get a closer look at the most influential burgers in America.

1. Louis’ Lunch
2. White Castle
3. The Rite Spot
4. McDonald’s
5. In-N-Out Burger
6. Apple Pan
7. The Meers Store
8. DB Bistro Moderne
9. Shake Shack

Not NYC, not LA.

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