While sneaker fever has gripped the fashion world – both high and low – for the past few seasons (or even years, for that matter), the obsession with kicks was bound to slow down sometime. If the buyers and retailers we’ve been speaking to are to be believed, boots are set to make a big comeback this season, with the Chelsea variety spearheading the return to hard-bottomed, dressed-up footwear. The ankle-high, laceless boots date back to the Victorian era, but earned their modern-day rock ‘n’ roll reputation in ’60s Britain, where they became an essential part of the Mod aesthetic.


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Nowadays, the likes of Kanye West and Luka Sabbat are using the elasticated boots – particularly suede versions – as a way to further the rock ‘n’ roll streak that has gripped the streetwear world of late (alongside flannels, distressed denim and biker jackets, naturally). While we’re not suggesting you throw away your entire wardrobe, spend your life earnings on Saint Laurent and start wearing merch from metal bands you’ve never heard of, the Chelsea boot is a perfect way to add an element of chic flair to your getups.

If you’re dying to escape the sneaker obsession that has engulfed the style world in recent seasons, the Chelsea boot – whether it’s leather or suede – is a great way to go. Just keep your pants slim and don’t be afraid to get them dirty.

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Words by Alec Leach
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