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Looking at this bicycle you may not automatically think that it’s the handy work of a student. But, Niko Schmutz from the School of Design at Pforzheim University has created this innovative three-piece wooden bike frame made from super thin layers of oak veneer. Inspired by the wooden dandy horse bikes of the early 19th century, the frame has a resilience that absorbs vibrations whilst giving off a spring effect for crossing some of the most uneven roads with ease.

The bike’s core also features aluminum elements on the front fork along with a tube that extends up through the top of the wooden pieces to support the seat. With a leather saddle and handlebars the bicycle incorporates functionality with a minimalistic style.

If you’re in the mood for some unique bicycle accessories then take a look at the Kickstarter-funded Lumos Next Generation Helmet.

Words by Jane Fayle
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