We had a slew of round-ups these past couple weeks, from a list of illustrators worth following to the best brands to look to when organizing your desk. Calvin Klein’s CD brought to light his travel and design essentials, and Nendo made tables that annoyingly attach onto walls. If you are in need of new clothing and accessories for the change of season, Thom Browne, Todd Snyder, The Superior Labor, Snow Peak and Woolrich guarantee good options, all released this past week.

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Our Favorite Designy Brands to Orangize Your Deskstop

Tom Dixon, Grovemade, Hay and a few more made our list of best brands for items to help organize your desk.


11 Illustrators We Love

We also brought you a round-up list of illustrators worth knowing. Featured above is Rami Niemi, whose distinctly bold and colorful aesthetic is regularly published by the likes of MR PORTER and Vanity Fair.


Nendo’s Border Tables

The inspiration for Nendo’s latest furniture collection was “elements that are normally troublesome, such as the corner of the room or protruding columns.” As if to show off this “troublesomeness,” its tables “parasitize” the walls, awkwardly attaching themselves onto corners and edges.


Premium Eyewear by Thom Browne

This writer has never seen eyewear and thought, “Damn, that’s bawse” — but Thom Browne is a fashion revolutionist. His latest eyewear frames composed of premium Japanese acetate, titanium and 12-karat gold are for bawses and bawses only.


Snow Peak Fall/Winter 2015 Lookbooks

We’ll never get tired of down pants or head-to-toe knit looks. Snow Peak finally released its comprehensive unisex Fall 2015 collection last week, and we already opened our wallets.


WP Lavori’s 30th Anniversary Collection

The collaborator roster for WP Lavori’s anniversary Blueblack Collection is so impressive it’s hard to stop gawking. Highlights in alphabetical order: Bacaruta, Barbour, Beams Plus, Engineered Garments, Nanamica, Mark McNairy, Palladium, SEE… Holy shit.


Lampemm Studios

In case you’ve never heard of the city of Belgrade, it’s the capital city of Serbia. While many of us may not care about what’s coming out of that country, we do — at least about Lampemm Studios. There can never be enough midcentury modern-inspired wooden furniture.


Todd Snyder & The Superior Labor Collaboration Bags

Japan’s Superior Labor created a concise range of bags exclusively for Todd Snyder. Off white and black heavy-duty canvas carry-alls with leather accents start at $195.


Daneson Artisanal Toothpicks

Clearly, these aren’t your regular plastic toothpicks from Chinatown. Northern white birch wood have been steeped in bourbon or flavors like mint, lemon and cinnamon, then packaged in beautifully stained wooden boxes or custom-size leather cases.


Francisco Costa’s Travel & Design Essentials

If you don’t harbor an absolute necessity of facial oils like Calvin Klein’s creative director, at least you can empathize with his love of $20,000 daybeds or natural Icelandic sheepskin?

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