Master Scottish whisky distillers, Glenfiddich, have gone and done the near-impossible: They suspended their award-winning 21-Year-Old whisky in mid-air, just through the power of sound. Deep inside a London warehouse, Glenfiddich’s suitably named “Maverick Whisky Makers of Dufftown” put together a crack team of music artists from Scotland and the Caribbean with scientists specialising in cymatics – the study of visible sound waves – to explore the effects of live music on single malt.

The experiment was created to celebrate the whisky, with the unusual artist collaboration providing the perfect metaphor for the 21 Year Old that is raised in Scotland and then given a vibrant twist by finishing for four months in Glenfiddich’s own Caribbean rum casks.

Caribbean vocalist Calma Carmona joined the Co-Operative Orchestra Scotland to perform Scottish indie band Franz Ferdinand’s track, Love Illumination, through a series of bespoke, precision-crafted cymatics machines, developed by creative laboratory, TenHertz.

The result was at least four different types of devices, each of which was specifically attuned to react and respond to different note ranges and sound frequencies, isolated through a speaker via specially programmed software. While the “Double Helix” and the “Zig Zag” machines were impressive, a fourth managed to suspend a drop of the whisky in mid-air, purely through the sound of Carmona and the orchestra – the first time this has been achieved outside of a laboratory.

Watch the film above and be sure to check out their making of video below. For more info on Glenfiddich’s 21 Year Old single malt, see their site here.

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