Sturdy and luxurious Swiss watchmakers, TUDOR, continue their journey along the States’ East Coast, visiting Long Island and the home of surfer and filmmaker Mikey DeTemple to find out what makes the man tick. The film looks at DeTemple’s journey from passionate surfer to dedicated filmmaker, again looking at ideas of timelessness and transition both in physical objects and in more personal journeys.

Wearing one of TUDOR’s Pelagos timepieces, DeTemple puts the watch through its paces in the surf. However, the piece itself represents a journey of transition within and across the brand, with the Pelagos taking key elements of TUDOR technology and combining it with the heritage of TUDOR’s own brand to create an all-new, modern timepiece fit for the contemporary adventurer. With a light, 42mm titanium and steel case and brushed watertight backing, TUDOR continues its craft of creating completely 100% waterproof, rather than simply water-resistant, watches.

Watch the movie above, or read our in-depth review of the heritage-inspired North Flag timepiece here. Alternatively, learn about the TUDOR Pelagos here.


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