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Long-favored as the PC of choice by those in the know, innovative computer company Lenovo have revealed their new YOGA series of tablets. At the center of which is their new tablet, the YOGA Tab 3, which the brand’s knowingly acknowledged is kind of both good and weird at the same time.

The YOGA Tab 3 includes a built-in projector that can create a screen size of up to 127cm, with a high-quality sound system, including a mini subwoofer, as well as a large screen on the front. Couple that with its hardware casing, which allows it to hang securely from literally anywhere you can think of, and you’ve got yourself a versatile piece of tech that could well be the flattest, smallest and most mobile home cinema system yet created.

Next up is Lenovo’s revamped notebook offering, the YOGA 3 Pro, which is both stable and flexible, featuring a fully pivoting keyboard attached. At barely the thicknest of a pencil, it is also possibly the thinnest notebook we’ve seen.

How many weird and useful situations Lenovo’s YOGA range can be applied to is obviously pretty large, from livening up your hospital stay, to saving the day in a business meeting, or perhaps emergency bathroom visits and relaxing bathtime sessions, camping excursions with the kids or maybe just a standard Netflix session on the sofa. Lenovo’s new YOGA range lets you do unexpected things differently and more powerfully, and that makes them weird. However, that same power and difference, combined with their features and adaptability not only makes them weird, but also good. Which is the key behind Lenovo’s recent ‘goodweird’ thinking.

Check out Lenovo’s video explaining the company’s creative drive below or follow the link to shop the new #Goodweird YOGA collection now.

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