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Although founded only last year, Selce studio has already set to work turning out a set of products oriented around the company’s design for simplicity manifesto. We’ve got to say, it doesn’t get much more uncomplicated than the handmade bamboo serving utensils currently on offer.

Not only can you order items exclusively for right or left-handed use, or both (this is a big deal for under-considered lefties), the set is also very affordable. A large serving-stirring spoon will run you about $9 while the smaller server-tablespoon combination comes in at a very decent $4 and some change. Lastly, the teaspoon and spreader each cost around $3. Considering these are handmade items, this is a way more of a steal than what you might get at Ikea for around the same price.

Each piece is specially made-to-order, so they will vary slightly depending on the attributes of the bamboo batch. Selce’s products are also coated with a mild natural oil that will create a stain over time, imbuing even more character and uniqueness.

Expect a 10-day wait before shipping should you order. Head over to Selce’s web shop to make your purchase now.

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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