Some of your favorite luxury clothing brands are hitting marketing gold thanks to the Bond film franchise. Yet ironically, they seem to be pretty shy about letting anyone know. The “Financial Times” decided to take a closer look at the business of creating James Bond‘s suave persona, and all of the behind the scenes deals that go in hand with his impeccable wardrobe.

One major player is Tom Ford, who has been responsible for everything from Bond’s tuxedos to sport coats since the 2008 release of “Quantum of Solace.” In total, the American menswear maker has designed six suits for 007, including the ivory Windsor peak lapel tuxedo jacket which retails for a cool $2800, and the black O’Connor evening trousers which go for $850. Sunspel has also benefitted from Bond product placements, though the brand’s Chief Executive, Nicholas Brooke, claims all placements were unpaid and completely authentic — Mr. Bond is apparently into Sunspel. Similarly, Burberry has gotten in on the action, outfitting the character of Denbigh (MI6’s incomparable boss), in the newly-released film “Spectre.”

So what’s the common thread between these three retailers? Well, the fact that they were none to willing to provide comments for the Times’s article, for one. When contacted, Burberry even claimed they’d rather not flag their involvement with the film at all.

The second thing that ties these retailers together is long term goals. Most of them won’t see immediate sales, even though they’ll see their clothing artfully arrayed on the silver screen. Many of Bond’s outfits — the suits in particular — cost way more than the average person is willing to pay. However, these aspirational brands still expect a sharp uptick in traffic to their websites, which, depending on a product’s price could potentially convert to sales. So even though it’s not an immediate win-win situation, being involved with a juggernaut of a franchise still inspires envy and want in viewers.

Head over to the “Financial Times” to learn more about the complexities of clothing James Bond.

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