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A few weeks ago, we wrote about how a few individuals had taken up the practice of purchasing fake sneakers in response to rising resell prices. Deemed shameless by some, those who stand on the other side of the equation, the resellers, are held in contempt even more because, often, they go out of their way to unfairly turn a profit. Too recurrently does their financial gain result in an honest buyer’s loss.

Sneaker blog Campless recently caught up with a NYC-based reseller, who enlightened the publication as to how, time and again, he manages to secure the most coveted releases, despite his indifference to sneaker culture. There’s a method to his madness and it includes a lot of data implementation. Campless went so far as to create infographics charting the reseller’s earnings, which fluctuate based on model scarcity and popularity. The article offers unbiased insight into one of the sneaker game’s most dubious customs.

Check it out in full here.

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