In an age and an industry when the word ‘heritage’ seemingly gets applied easily, Swiss timepiece manufacturer TUDOR may well be one brand that has a genuine claim to the concept. Reinforcing their hardy and rugged reputation, they journeyed to meet ex-pro surfer Luke Ditella on the North Atlantic coastline of Asbury Park, New Jersey, to hear his story.

Wearing the brand’s North Flag timepiece, Ditella contemplates his own personal journey, touching on themes of childhood and ambition, timelessness and creativity, before entering the sea with his surfboard and TUDOR watch strapped safely to his wrist.

The setting is appropriate, if only for the North Flag’s own heritage: The watch was directly inspired by the brand’s Ranger II timepiece produced in the 1970s and pays homage to the iconic 1952 Oyster Prince, which famously withstood the perilous British North Greenland Expedition with barely a scratch across its surface.

View the film above or read more about TUDOR’s North Flag timepiece here.

Branded Content Editor
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