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Engineered by Amadeus and designed by world-renowned contemporary architect Jean Nouvel, Philharmonia is a high-definition sound system combining unparalleled sonic qualities with skillful design. Initially created for the Philharmonie de Paris recording and mastering studios, a place in which the most prestigious symphonic orchestras conduct their work, the speakers have been compacted and made available for in-home use.

Taking inspiration from the Philharmonie de Paris, a concert hall known for its high-caliber acoustics and ergonomic design, the Philharmonia takes on a curved build consisting of 547 wood veneers. Machined into these veneers and running the height of the speaker system is a low-velocity port that yields optimal linearity to reduce distortion.

Philharmonia features an RJ-45 network with a 64-bit digital processing unit input, allowing users to remotely adjust its processor to maximize the listening experience.

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