The “hoverboard” fad sweeping the planet is currently in overdrive, so much so that their use has raised safety concerns in some parts of the world. Still, that hasn’t deterred brands from marketing the futuristic (and by many counts ridiculous) devices to the masses.

Space Chariot, an LA-based company founded by actors Kevin L. Walker and Donnabella Mortel, has capitalized on the upsurge of self-balancing scooters, and is now teaming up with footwear brand L.A. Gear on an over-the-top combo pack. After having relaunched in March of this year, L.A. Gear looks be the first sneaker brand get a signature hoverboard, while at the same time Space Chariot is now the first “hoverboard” company to collaborate with a shoe label. 

The limited edition collaboration includes a “Gold Ninja” or “Ninja Chrome” Space Chariot hoverboard, along with matching L.A. Gear “Liquid Gold” or “Liquid Silver” L.A. Lights sneakers.

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