If you’ve ever been to Tokyo you know that the retail landscape is incredibly dense. Ever since WWII, American style and culture has been adopted, creating a truly unique scene. Global tourists and Americans alike travel to Tokyo to get “American” product that has become superior to its archetype through years of study and innovation.

Denim-lovers blog Heddels (formerly RawrDenim) takes us inside Hinoya and Sunhouse, two boutiques that champion the “American casual” aesthetic.

Hinoya, the sister shop of Sunhouse, focuses almost entirely on denim. The specialty boutique opened its doors back in 1955, and has remained a staple in Japan’s Americana-garb scene; it’s a true OG. On the other side, Sunhouse prides itself on denim-centric outerwear and clothing that pairs best with a new pair of selvedge jeans.

See the video above and learn more about the two shops here.

Words by Thomas Welch
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